Reflexology (10/2016):
I had not been a regular reflexology patient in the past. I am on my feet all day and started struggling with arch issues and general sore feet. I started going to Mandy about a year ago and have been an enthusiastic repeat ever since. Mandy is exceptionally professional, very good at what she does, and sincerely cares about her clients. Highly recommend!


Laser Therapy (10/2008):
I had the misfortune of falling on my steps trying to prevent my toddler from falling and managed to break my foot. To make things a lot more complicated, I was 36 weeks pregnant and very close to having my second child and with crutches I had almost no mobility. I was very scared as to how I was going to deliver and also care for the baby after he arrived in the condition I was in. A friend of mine told me that I should try the Laser Therapy at Bodylogic Massage Therapy Clinic. I was truly ready to try anything, so I did. Well, I can honestly say that after only 4 treatments, almost all of the swelling and bruising was gone and I can walk with the walking cast that I was given. What a relief! I now know that when this baby arrives, I can at least get to the cradle to get him or hold him without trying to maneuver crutches. I feel this huge weight off my shoulder and truly believe that it was the laser therapy that helped. I do not know much about it, all I know is it is new to Winnipeg, it repairs scar tissue, and has the ability to re-grow damaged tissue. Other people need to know about this product! I know if it has helped me this much it could definitely help others.

P. Motkaluk

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