Relaxation or Therapy?
Relaxation massage is beneficial for stress management, anxiety reduction and overall good health. If an injury occurs or there is an imbalance causing asymmetry in the body, then the benefit of relaxation massage becomes very short lived. You now require massage therapy.

Therapeutic massage begins with an assessment. The therapist will develop a treatment protocol that is discussed in detail with the patient. Patients will be educated in exercise and posture control. Stretches done at home enhance the progress made in the treatment room. Massage therapy is a joint venture between patient and therapist.

Breast Massage and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
Breast massage uses gentle massage techniques directly on the breast tissue to promote lymphatic flow and scar tissue work to relieve pains & discomforts that are associated with larger breast tissue, breast cancer treatments, reconstruction to the tissue, premenstrual congestion, and pregnancy. Clients going through or overcoming breast cancer can benefit from Breast Cancer Rehabilitation. Discomforts and restrictions post surgery, radiation/chemotherapy and/or reconstruction as well as different conditions that can arise such as seromas, cording and scar tissue formation can be treated. Ask for Leona Waldner for any further questions regarding Breast Massage and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation.

Cupping Massage
Cupping involves the use of a mechanical suction device to suction the air from the cup in order to lift the tissue up & separate the layers of superficial fascia. Cupping has multiple benefits that range for increasing temperature & circulation, separating scar tissue & adhesions to applying a stretch on fascia and so much more. Please note, this therapy will leave marks known as cupping mark on the body where they have been placed. These marks are caused by the release of dead static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogens and toxins being released to the superficial tissue. They are not painful and can range from no mark to a deep purple, which will fade in 1-8 days.

All therapists have received education in a 2200 hour program. This includes instruction in: anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, exercise rehab and pathology. We are firm believers in continuing education programs. They enhance our knowledge and help us improve patient treatment.

It is our goal as massage therapists to help patients and ourselves work towards a healthier lifestyle. We are dedicated to our patients needs and concerns, both mentally and physically.

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